The Bay

This is the R32’s engine bay. Woodgrain..Love it or hate it. I run it

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Fuck, it’s been a while. So much has changed around here I dont even know where to begin!

Instead of trolling through months and months of bullshit I’ll just start fresh with where I’m up to haha sorry.

The R32 looks a little (read: ALOT) different to what it used to now. The Rb25 was tuned to 204kw on 11psi, not great power but it’s still pretty fun.

Here’s some photo’s from the first round of Drift South street legal series I competed in on Saturday. I qualified third, and there were no final placings at the end of the day which sucked, I think I could of won it had there been a more organized placing system.

And here’s some footage from the event. It was my first time on the track in over 2 years! So rad getting back into it again though.

Stayed tuned as there will no doubt be alot more footage, pics and changes on the cars in the near future. Also Russ who owns the white s13 currently has it up for sale, and then he’ll be diving into one hell of a build for his next car!!

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First drive

Drove it for the first time on Saturday, didn’t miss a beat. Turbo comes on boost around 1700rpm. Need to fix a water leak from the intake plenum, exhaust leak, and wire up the fans and it’ll be all go. Super excited!

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It’s alive

Earlier this week Clinton came over and sorted all of the wiring out for me. He managed to bin quite a few bullshit wires that I didn’t need in the meanwhile aswell. This is all the unwanted crap.

I also finished up my intercooler setup

And then yesterday we started it for the first time. It was cool

Now I have to pull the loom out and tidy it up, wire the fans, hook up the driveshaft and sort out some vacuum leaks. Hopefully get it all done this coming weekend.

I’m not sure why but the video won’t embed for me, just click the link

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Nick Johns S13

Our buddy Nick has decided to put his S13 he’s been building for ages up for sale.

Specs are as follows:

Rebuilt CA18DET on the run in only done 12kms
Garret t25g turbo
3″ exhaust from dump pipe
Walbro 500hp fuel pump
17×9 +17 D1 Aerospec wheels
15mm spacers at front
25mm spacers at the back
Rear subframe pineapples
BC red coilovers
Cusco traction arms
Adjustable caster arms
Bride fixed bucket seat drivers side
Battery in car
Greddy turbo timer
Full 6pt homologated roll cage with side intrusion bars
I’m sure there is alot I have missed so feel free to enquire here or text the man himself on 027 362 5609
With a bit of paint, different profile tyres and some more low this thing would be cool as fuck. Tell your mates
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Happy 21st

It’s my bday today, check out what I made for breakfast. 2 eggs, 4 yolks. What the fuck, double, double yolkers?!?!?! what does it meeeeeeeaaan???? Shit was mind blowing

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Took my intercooler piping to Simon at Surfab to get TIG’d up today. Came out great thanks man. If only I had remembered I needed to get my BOV flange and PCV valve done aswell. I guess I’ll be heading back over later in the week.


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Long overdue

Been a while since the last update (read: a long fucking time!)

Anyway the rb25 has lost it’s momentum pretty bad over the last few weeks mainly because I’ve had to shift house etc. The intercooler is mounted up and the piping cut and ready for welding. The total length of intercooler piping is roughly 550mm, so should be super responsive. All that’s really needed to be done now is wire it all up and get the piping welded, plus misc small jobs.

few pics:

Fingers crossed I find some motivation and get this thing done soon! Oh and my bro, mum, and a few mates all chipped in and got me a rad camera for my 21st. Super stoked about that, stay tuned for footage from my 21st tomorrow night. Fucking yardy is gonna rape me


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Ryders motor

This is our buddy Michael Ryder’s SR20det he’s building up for next season. He got the engine in extremely poor condition, with shit built up everywhere. It looks asthough it’s never had an oil change in its life!

Luckily the only damage done is to the cams and rocker arms. The cams are to be replaced with a aftermarket items and he managed to get a spare set of rocker arms from a mate. He’s going to take it into his work and put it threw the parts wash and get it all looking like new.  He’s after big power, so it should be cool to see what he can squeeze out of it!

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2 steps forward

Got a heap of the bolt on stuff done this weekend, and tidied up some of the wiring.

The loom

Filter relocator and Oil cooler all mounted up. We used 5mm Aluminium plate for the mounts. Sturdy as fuck!

Radiator all mounted and plumbed up.

Heres the gap where the intercooler will go. I would of loved to of done that this weekend aswell but I couldn’t get one until during the week. It’s going to be a mid mounted 450x300x76 cooler. I’m going to sit it directly under the radiator support up the top and make up a heap of ducting.

Here’s the throttle body and cable all finished

And here’s the catch can. I’m thinking I’ll run braided lines to it. Just to show off hahaha

This is how it sits at the end of today. All that’s left to do now is basically finish the intercooler setup, duct everything, run the catch can lines, and wire it all up. Plus all the small jobs like fitting the EVC again etc. All of that is on hold until I can find the parts though.

Stay tuned!

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