Fuck, it’s been a while. So much has changed around here I dont even know where to begin!

Instead of trolling through months and months of bullshit I’ll just start fresh with where I’m up to haha sorry.

The R32 looks a little (read: ALOT) different to what it used to now. The Rb25 was tuned to 204kw on 11psi, not great power but it’s still pretty fun.

Here’s some photo’s from the first round of Drift South street legal series I competed in on Saturday. I qualified third, and there were no final placings at the end of the day which sucked, I think I could of won it had there been a more organized placing system.

And here’s some footage from the event. It was my first time on the track in over 2 years! So rad getting back into it again though.

Stayed tuned as there will no doubt be alot more footage, pics and changes on the cars in the near future. Also Russ who owns the white s13 currently has it up for sale, and then he’ll be diving into one hell of a build for his next car!!

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2 Responses to Suprise!

  1. Isaac says:

    man thats looking good. what side skirts you running man ?

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