Nick Johns S13

Our buddy Nick has decided to put his S13 he’s been building for ages up for sale.

Specs are as follows:

Rebuilt CA18DET on the run in only done 12kms
Garret t25g turbo
3″ exhaust from dump pipe
Walbro 500hp fuel pump
17×9 +17 D1 Aerospec wheels
15mm spacers at front
25mm spacers at the back
Rear subframe pineapples
BC red coilovers
Cusco traction arms
Adjustable caster arms
Bride fixed bucket seat drivers side
Battery in car
Greddy turbo timer
Full 6pt homologated roll cage with side intrusion bars
I’m sure there is alot I have missed so feel free to enquire here or text the man himself on 027 362 5609
With a bit of paint, different profile tyres and some more low this thing would be cool as fuck. Tell your mates
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  1. I need to move to NZ or AUS… I love your free law…

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