It’s alive

Earlier this week Clinton came over and sorted all of the wiring out for me. He managed to bin quite a few bullshit wires that I didn’t need in the meanwhile aswell. This is all the unwanted crap.

I also finished up my intercooler setup

And then yesterday we started it for the first time. It was cool

Now I have to pull the loom out and tidy it up, wire the fans, hook up the driveshaft and sort out some vacuum leaks. Hopefully get it all done this coming weekend.

I’m not sure why but the video won’t embed for me, just click the link

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4 Responses to It’s alive

  1. p dub says:

    love ho short that piping and how tidy the engine bay is

  2. Teddy says:

    Cool, now come help motivate me with mine. Hey you got an e-mail I can contact you at? I have a few quick questions for the RB25 swap.

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