2 steps forward

Got a heap of the bolt on stuff done this weekend, and tidied up some of the wiring.

The loom

Filter relocator and Oil cooler all mounted up. We used 5mm Aluminium plate for the mounts. Sturdy as fuck!

Radiator all mounted and plumbed up.

Heres the gap where the intercooler will go. I would of loved to of done that this weekend aswell but I couldn’t get one until during the week. It’s going to be a mid mounted 450x300x76 cooler. I’m going to sit it directly under the radiator support up the top and make up a heap of ducting.

Here’s the throttle body and cable all finished

And here’s the catch can. I’m thinking I’ll run braided lines to it. Just to show off hahaha

This is how it sits at the end of today. All that’s left to do now is basically finish the intercooler setup, duct everything, run the catch can lines, and wire it all up. Plus all the small jobs like fitting the EVC again etc. All of that is on hold until I can find the parts though.

Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to 2 steps forward

  1. Teddy says:

    This is looking really good mate! Looks like we’ll have twin cars!

  2. kmakzi says:

    good progress, all nice n tidy

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