Gettin’ it in!

Got busy tonight.

Started off with Dima coming over and showing me how to best make use of the two lower looms I had (rb20det and rb25det). We ended up using the rb20det loom, and splitting the knock sensor wiring off the rb25det stuff, making a seperate sub loom. After that was sussed I taped up everything to tidy it up.

After I had finished that, Russ came ’round and we got stuck in to putting in the engine. It was a fucking mission, and had alot of trouble getting the inlet manifold to clear the master cylinder.

We got there in the end with minimal damage to the paint and engine, so overall I couldn’t be happier.

These are my BRAND NEW engine mounts. haha

And heres the engine bolted up

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Check it

Really well made vid from Hungary or some shit. A great bit of snuff in there too! Check it out lads


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Andy was in Nelson on the weekend and spotted this sweet white R32. Props to the owner

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I usually hate orange. This is no exception. But bar the colour, this thing is dope! If only it had more doors… hahaha

Oh yeah, my laptop sorted itself out so I’ve got my skyline archive back. Thank god!

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Rescue 1

He may not fly a helicopter, but Ryder has rescued me once again. He came round tonight and tapped the crankshaft and died the bolt and it threaded in like new. For the record it was a M16x1.5 thread. After that we put the clutch, redid the flywheel (because we had forgotten to put that gay fucking plate thingy in beforehand last time), and got the box on. I was fucking overjoyed that it was ready to go, until I came inside. My fucking laptop has just shat itself for no apparent reason, so I’m now having to use my partners. So mad.

Anyway pic:

I would of posted up a rad car to make this post semi-exciting, but they’re all on my laptop. So yeah…

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Yet another hold-up

I went into this weekend with high hopes of finally getting the gold thing into the blue hole.

I went out and got all of my fluids and filters etc that I would possibly need on Friday after work

On Saturday me and Russ got stuck into putting the finishing touches on the engine to get it ready to put in. I.e plugged in the loom, ran the last of the air lines, did the belts, gapped the plugs. Boring shit like that.

Heres a shot of the inlet side pretty much all done

And here is the engine ready to put in the car.

Unfortunately that’s as far as we got because when we went to properly tighten the harmonic balancer onto the crank, we discovered that the thread on the inside of the crank was dicked. I can’t do anything until I manage to track down the appropriate sized tap tomorrow (hopefully). Wish me luck. It’s one huge bitch, with a unusually fine thread on it.


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If I owned a C33, I would want it to look just like this.

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C u l8a 4 a latte

Deavoll sold the 13.4, he got good money but it still sucks.

This is it after he had first got it running

And this was the finished product. So dope

Ended up looking like this in the end though

Hannah Montana ballin’

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So as most people who are into drifitng in NZ know, we dont exactly get track days every w/e. Back before i got my silvia i rode dirt bikes, i decided it was time to get back into it and do something constructive with my w/e’s rather than just drink piss and be hungover. So i bought this Ktm 125SX of Dick Mike (his shoes were black and yellow), and have been jumping at any chance ive had to ride it.

it has a reasonably fresh motor and gearbox with around 25 hours on it, sunline bars and bar pad, renthal grips, o-ring chain and other than that it’s fairly factory. Being a Ktm though it came with Wp suspenison front and back and Brembo brakes and master cylinders which is pretty sweet. Well do up a custom StreetMeat graphics kit for it some point soon aswell.

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Merry rapture, and a happy apocalypse!!!

Well that was a crock of shit.

Anyway got more stuff done today. Heres the fuel rail all fitted up

Cambelt on

And this is pretty it pretty much all together. What do you reckon?

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