Long overdue

Been a while since the last update (read: a long fucking time!)

Anyway the rb25 has lost it’s momentum pretty bad over the last few weeks mainly because I’ve had to shift house etc. The intercooler is mounted up and the piping cut and ready for welding. The total length of intercooler piping is roughly 550mm, so should be super responsive. All that’s really needed to be done now is wire it all up and get the piping welded, plus misc small jobs.

few pics:

Fingers crossed I find some motivation and get this thing done soon! Oh and my bro, mum, and a few mates all chipped in and got me a rad camera for my 21st. Super stoked about that, stay tuned for footage from my 21st tomorrow night. Fucking yardy is gonna rape me


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4 Responses to Long overdue

  1. kmakzi says:

    looks nice n tidy yo

  2. Teddy says:

    Your engine bay is so damn clean.

  3. Teddy says:

    Finish your car!

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