Managed to get all my engine covers and TB adaptor painted yesterday. The spraygun I had was playing up big time as it hadn’t been cleaned out properly from it’s last use, so the needle etc was all seized up. I’m pretty happy with how they’ve all turned out considering how rough the gun was spraying.

This is my spray booth I made out front of my garage. Haha

Here’s a couple of close ups

This is my sweet engine I made using a computer stool and a tyre. I wasn’t feeling creative enough to try fix the front covers onto the rest so I just stuck them next to the others.

And finally a colour comparison between the blue and gold.

I gave the pistons, rods oil pump and crank to the engine builder yesterday to get cleaned up and get the oil pump modified to flow more. Ordering my battery to boot kit and waterpump, and idler and tensioner this week aswell. Progress feels good!

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