Drift South Rd2

Quick vid I made up of yesterday. Unfortunately both Andy and Russ were having car troubles, but was still an awesome day.

1st- Glen Pupich 30 points
2nd- Troy Forsythe 26 points
3rd- Simon Hunter 23 points
4th- Gene Rhodes 20 points
5th- Simon Urquhart 18 points
6th- Cody Collis 16 points
7th- Chris Jackson 14 points
8th- Phil Sutherland 13 points
9th- Anthony McQuoid 12 points
10th- Beau Cogle 11 points
11th- Chris Protheroe 10 points
12th- Michael Ryder 9 points
13th- Steven Douglas 8 points
14th- Daniel Currie 7 points
15th- Ryan Dick 6 points
16th- Andrew Gnad 5 points

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